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Repair Manuals


Heating & Ventilation System Electrical System & Lighting Fuel, Ignition & Exhaust System

A/C Installation

    1. AC Overview
    2. Donor Car
    3. Compressor Bracket
    4. Compressor Disassembly
    5. Compressor Repair(front part)
    6. Compressor Repair (Valves/Head)
    7. Compressor Installation
    8. Control Panel Repair
    9. Evaporator Repair
    10. Wiring Harness Repair
    11. Freon Hoses
    12. Installation
    13. Fast Idle Valve
    14. Freon Charging
    15. Dashboard & Carpet Repair

Ventilation Restoration (905 series)

Ventilation Restoration (907 series)

    1. Heater Unit Removal
    2. Heater Unit Disassembly
    3. Bulkhead Repair
    4. Heater Unit Installation

Alternator Repair

Starter Motor Repair

Foglight Installation

Supplementary Brake Light Installation

Dashboard Lights

Headlight Washer Installation





Catalyst & Silencer

Fuel Tank Repair

  1. Tank Removal
  2. Tank Repair
  3. Internal Sealing
  4. External Repair
  5. Tank Installation

Electroinjectors Maintenance (supersonic cleaning)

Protoxide Distributor Cap modification





Engine & Mechanical Brakes & Clutch Body

Crankcase Breather System

Oil Changing

Complete Routine Service


Engine tune-up for 905 series (including engine components & parts replacement, carbs overhaul and adjustment)






Pads Replacement

Brake System Maintenance

Brake System Ground Up Restoration

  1. Calipers Rebuilt
  2. Calipers Installation
  3. Disaster
  4. Bias Valve
  5. Solution
  6. Rear Brakes

Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement

Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement

ABS Installation

  1. ABS Donor Car
  2. Hubs & Halfshafts Restoration
  3. Hubs & Halfshafts Installation
  4. Sensors and Handbrake Restoration
  5. Calipers and Rear Axle Restoration
  6. Axle, ABS unit/brake lines and wiring installation

Door Hinges

  1. Front Right Door
  2. Front Left Door
  3. Rear Right Door
  4. Rear Left Door
  5. Door Clamp Adjustment

Floor Pan Maintenance

Rear Wheelarches & Boot Maintenance

Windscreen Repairs

Front Grille Restoration

Wing Mirrors

Rear Spoiler Removal

Suspension, Steering and Transmission 1975 Alfasud 1.3 ti ground up restoration  

Rear Wheel Bearing

Gearbox Hubs Seals Replacement

Steering Bars Replacement

Suspension Maintenance

  1. Front
  2. Rear
  1. Preparation
  2. Bodywork
  3. Paintbooth Preparation
  4. In the Paintbooth
  5. Interior Restoration
  6. Assembly and Final Result
Original Workshop Manuals (Alfa Romeo Editions)
  1. Alfa Romeo 33 Workshop Manual (1984 -1986)
  2. Alfa Romeo 33 Workshop Manual Supplement (1988 -1990 IE models)
  3. Alfa Romeo 33 Workshop Manual 33 Nuova (1990-1994)
  4. Alfa Romeo 33 Workshop Manual 33 Nuova Wiring Diagram (1990-1994)
  5. Alfa Romeo 33 Manual Supplement - Air Conditioner (1984 -1990 models)
  6. Alfa Romeo 33 Nuova Air Conditioner Installation Manual (1990 -1994 models)
  7. Alfa Romeo 33 P4 Switch
  8. Alfa Romeo 33 Manual Supplement Russian translation (1988 -1990 IE models) (Kind regards to Vladislav Chigrinets for his effort translating to Russian)

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