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This is a ongoing list of Alfa 33 enthusiasts around the world who have seeked help and parts. ! (updated 20/4/2015)


Samuel N. from El Salvador

Alfa 33 16V ignition parts, brake pads, suspension plate bearings, headlight trims, AC evaporator restoration (R134a conversion), vehicle wiring restoration

Alfa 155 Q4 engine overhaul kit, Alfa 146 lighting & engine parts.

Alfa 156 engine overhaul kit, headliner fabric

GTV engine overhaul kit, engine wiring, headlights, hood

Shimon K. from Israel Alfa 33 Ground up restoration including headlights, side repeaters, door trims, door window, power assisted steering hoses, fuel system parts, dashboard, internal trim parts, suspension bushes, door and boot seals

Denis G. from Israel Alfa 33 Top mounts for Series 3, engine stabiliser mount, inner CV joints, ECU diagnostics, Alfa 147 aerial, fuel door catch

Leandro C. C. from Uruguay Alfa 33 Oil breather parts for Series 2

Massimo O. from the UK Alfasud body panels, suspension arms and indicator stalks

Lawrence G. from the UK Alfa 33 Suspension parts for Series 2

Fabio M. from Switzerland Alfa 33 Boot reflector

Daniele B. R. from Italy Alfa 33 16V ABS sensors

José M. A. R. from Spain Alfa 33 Headlight trims Series 2

Alessandro G. from the Republic of South Africa Alfa 33 Indicators stalks for Series 2

Pedro C. from Spain Alfa 33 AC parts and gearbox seals, gearbox mounts, rear windscreen seal, boot seal, mechanical fuel pump, gear lever repair kit, gearbox tail foam

Alberto S. from the Republic of South Africa Alfa 33 Gear lever rubber gaiter and side indicators for Series 2

Andrea C. from Italy Alfa 33 16V Motronic engine wiring

Iain M. from the UK Alfa 33 Boot and door seals

Elvis G. from Albania Alfa 33 Top mounts

Lars L. from Denmark Alfasud body panels

Michael K. from Australia Alfa 33 16V Syncros gears

Paul C. from the UK Alfa 33 Panhard bar

Martin Y. from the UK Alfa 33 Rear axle (disk brake conversion)

Neil M. from the UK Alfa 33 Rear axle (disk brake conversion) and Series 2 SportWagon rear body panel

George O. from Kenya Alfa 33 Timing belt kit and engine ECU

Ted F. from the USA AC parts for Alfasud

Jorge M.C.T. from Spain Alfa 33 Windscreen trim, gearbox seals repair kit and bushes

Nicola M. from Italy Alfa 33 Vented brake calipers and suspension spring plates

Khir A. from Malaisia Alfa 33 Side repeaters

Hesron S. from Malta Alfa 33 AC condensers

Simon T. from the UK Alfasud repair panels

Yiuchiro S. from Japan Alfa 33 AC expansion valve and filter receiver/drier

Sylvain L. from France Alfa 33 16V fuel rail, coolant tank, steering rack plastic cover, accelator cable & fittings, oil filer cap

Richard B. from the UK Alfa 33 Doors and boot lid

Fabien A. from Switzerland Alfa 33 Series 3 boot seal

Simon T from the UK Alfasud body panels

Iacovos M from Cyprus Alfa 33 16V suspension poly bushes

Hsu Chieh L from Taiwan Alfa 155 Q4 idle valve

Johnson M. from Kenya Alfa 155 2.5 V6 engine ECU and wiring, headlight lens

Adrian O. from Australia Alfa 33 16V suspension bump stops, strut boots, strut bearings, rear spring rubber mounts/top mounts, boot seal, 9/12 way block wiring connectors, side skirt clips,

Antonios K. from Australia Alfa 147 radiator hoses and coolant tank

Luk L. from the Nederlands Alfa 33 AC/heater valve

Marino S. from Belgium Alfa 33 strut bearings

Nick G. from the UK Alfa 33 left side sill


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